How is it possible that these men are standing in line in front of the police? I can’t even find the words for such courage, dignity, and integrity. This is love as action. Not love of the police, but love as a force for better humanity, love as the best part of people. I’m crying as I type, because I know these men have not been treated well by the people they protect, but they do it anyway. If we could all be so brave.

Check out @VBagate’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/VBagate/status/593187516339093504?s=09

One thought on “Speechless

  1. Amen, yes! Coverage of the Baltimore unrest has been sensationalized. Only a small minority looted and burned. The vast majority of Baltimore residents, including many brave men and women who tried to calm the situation, want peace. The many high school students who took to the streets Monday were extremely angry, but most of them refrained from crossing the line into law-breaking. The men in the picture were trying to cool the situation and protect the children from police. The police were happy and willing to accept the help of the citizens.

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