Prepping for the TEALcast

Adult Education, Corrections, Trauma

I’ve been considering a podcast for a while. Partly because I’m a talker (and it helps me to think through stuff to verbalize) and partly because the topic I want to pursue is important enough to put in some effort. I mean, writing a book on the topic is effort, but this is a place where I can keep expanding my thinking, past the scope of the book.

I just re-discovered that a dear friend has radio and audio engineering experience, so I have a producer (at least in the beginning while I learn to produce, if necessary) and I know about a bunch of folks who would be willing to guest co-host, or just be guests, so that’s covered. I’m asking for topic suggestions and questions from friends, that would make it easier to get started, but I’ll generally be talking about

  • Education in prisons
  • School to prison pipeline
  • Impacts of trauma on adult learning
  • The larger framework of education in the US
  • Higher ed and its Euro-white underpinnings

I’m still working out logistics, but launch date is on the way!

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