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Trey looked at the number again, discreetly wedged between grainy shots of glistening, oiled bodies.  “Door-to-Door Escort Service, all days, all hours, anywhere within the Metro area.  Mention this ad and get a 10% discount on your first request. Call 555-478-5698.”  He was embarrassed it had come to this, but things weren’t coming together for him anywhere else, and his situation was getting desperate.

Furtively, he stepped into the hallway and dialled the number.  A pleasant, slightly husky female voice answered.

“Thank you for choosing Door-to-Door Escorts, how may I help you today?”

Trey cleared his throat nervously “I’ve never used your service before.  ummm….what are my options?”

“We provide integrated escort support for a variety of daily living situations – back and forth to work, picking or dropping off from school, grocery or household shopping, retail shopping excursions, or general metro area exploration. What type of activity are you planning?”

“Well” Trey cleared his throat again “It’s Christmas and I need to shop for some gifts for my kids.  Their mom and I are divorced, so she can’t go with me, and….well, you know how it is”

“Yes sir, indeed we do.  So, a retail shopping trip, heavy foot traffic, and a need for close proximity at all times, does that sound about right?”

Trey was feeling slightly less awkward, but still unsettled “That sounds right, but how does it work?  Will people be able to tell?”

“Oh no sir!  Our escorts are highly trained and quite experienced in appearing relaxed and natural, just as if they were truly your partner or friend.  We have been in business for over ten years and have a 95% success rate.  We’re quite proud of our escorts, they do incredible work.”

Trey considered that 5% gap, but quickly decided it was worth the risk “Okay.  How does it work, and how do you know who to send?”

“We select your escort based on the questionnaire I will send you, in addition to reviewing a recent photo of you that clearly shows your complexion, dressing style, and gives a sense of your economic status.  I will send you a selection of 2-3 escorts, in addition to photos and websites, and you will make your selection.  If you have the time or inclination, we can arrange a 15 minute phone conversation to confirm compatibility.  If not, we will send your escort, with a car and driver, to take you to and from  your engagement.  This is all included the pricing. We find it yields better results for you to be seen arriving and leaving with your escort.”

Trey wasn’t wild about the extra expense but, again, it was worth it.  “That all sounds fine, but I need someone to go with me this evening.  Can we get through the process quickly?”

“Of course sir.  If you’ll give me your email address, we’ll get started right away.  Do you have a preference for your escort’s appearance?  Will you be needing a male or female escort this evening?”

Trey thought for  a moment.  A man would be more relaxing, but they probably would get sidetracked in the sports or electronics store.  A woman would help keep him on track.  “A female, preferable blonde or red-headed, fair, with light eyes.”

“An excellent choice, sir.  Our light-haired, light-eyed escorts are quite popular!  You should see my email within the next five minutes, please call me back if you don’t, or if you have questions.  My name is Jeanine.”

Trey glanced at his phone, the email was there.  “I’ve got it, thanks Jeanine.  I’ll have my information back to you within the hour.  Thank you again, I don’t know what I’d do if your service wasn’t available!”

“Oh no, sir, the pleasure is all ours.  We take great satisfaction in keeping black men safe by providing white escort services.  Thank you for calling, we’ll be back in touch shortly.”

Trey hung up the phone, and turned to the questionnaire.

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