Con Man or College President – Who Knows?


We got the final word last night that the Board had finally up and fired our college president (I’ll call him Joe). He’d applied for a high level administrator position with another college less than two years after being hired, the press got wind of his application and the Board started a series of closed-door meetings. When Joe was hired, I remember thinking "He’s not coming here to stay, he’ll be gone in two years, three tops. He’s a job-hopper." He didn’t even make it two years.

Him getting fired was bad enough but this morning, we got the news that he’s receiving a $300,000 severance package – basically his salary for the rest of this year and next.

What. The. Fuck?

We’re a community college, our enrollment is declining, education budgets are shrinking, and we’re expected to offer the same level of services as we always have. One of our long-running art programs was just cancelled, as was a program at the women’s prison keeping women connected to their children. And this bastard gets the equivalent of BOTH of those programs as his severance? After HE disrespected the college and community openly and publicly and was possibly planning to break his contract!?

I told my students about this and they immediately fingered him as a con man – jumping from job to job, getting hired, then gathering severance money. *They* questioned our Board’s ability to spot this unethical, unprofessional behavior. Women in a PRISON are questioning our Board’s ability to select appropriate candidates! Honestly, right now, I trust my students more.

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