I am a gifted and deeply intuitive Magician, the Archetype that makes things happen. I am a skilled facilitator, educator, and connector, delighting in the creative potential inherent in every person, project, or interest I encounter.  As an educator, I use my considerable expertise and intuition to focus on building leaders and mentors, shifting people’s perspectives of themselves and others, and speaking directly to the necessity for justice, inclusion, and equity as practice.

Throughout my life, I have created opportunities where none existed. From finding financial support through my college years, defining a unique course of study for a Master’s degree, then creating work for myself in that field, to implementing a rich and engaging program of skill-building and self-discovery for the incarcerated women, then redefining myself as an artist and expert in trauma-informed teaching practices for adults, I have been able to create a niche for my unique blend of creativity and advocacy.

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